Dear Business Partner,

On behalf of all InTimes staff, I am very glad to share with you about our ambition of brand InTimes!

The idea of establishing InTimes, is not an accident brainstorm. 10 years’ OEM business, not only give us the experiences, but also the enthusiastic for wrist watches. Even facing high competition on price, we never stopped pursue of elegance & excellence on our products. After making lots of customers’ private brands, we started to consider of making our own. The brand name “InTimes” means following the fashion, thus defines that our brand is a fashion oriented brand. Another element came to our mind, is the color element, as recent science studies revealed the positive effects of this element in people’s daily life, In 2011 HK Watch & Clock Show, we launched first collection of InTimes, and immediately received good feedback on watch design & quality. By now we are working with official distributors & buyers from nearly 30 countries & areas.

We deeply hope InTimes can be sold in every countries of the world, people could have one more option when they choose a wrist watch. We appreciate your questions, comments & suggestions as they will help us learn from each other, and create a successful partnership.

Welcome to InTimes!


Hanneng Chen


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